Our calendars are available in two color schemes.
Purple version: order of colors is green, purple, black, red, blue, orange (yellow)
Brown version: order of colors is black, orange (yellow), blue, green, brown, red.
If you are ordering our calendars for the first time, we recommend the purple version. The distribution of colors
on the purple version seems to make the colors more distinguishable, and therefore make that calendar easier to read.

All calendars show federal holidays and postal paydays.

The top two styles are free.  Just click on the one you want for a downloadable pdf file.
We can change the heading on the letter-size calendar to your Branch information.
 Just send us an email with the information you want in the heading.
We’ll make the change and email you the pdf file.

Purple Versions


Wallet Size
Fold in half to make
them credit card size.

Want them laminated
to last the whole year?
We laminate them for
$0.75 each.
See order form.

Brown Versions

One Page 2020 One Page 2020 Brown

Below are sample pages of our flip page calendars. Use order form to order the complete calendar.
Each calendar comes with a laminated wallet size calendar.

Regular Color Coded Calendars

January 2020 January - 2020 brown

Calendars for People with Color Blindness.

January 2020 -color blind January - 2020 brown color blind

Calendars with letters for those Branches that have some stations that use letters instead of colors.
These calendars must be special ordered, but at no extra charge. The letters used below are just examples.
If you wish to order these calendars, include a note with
the letter for your station on January 1st, 2020.

January 2020 - with letters January - 2020 brown with letters

Mini-binder calendars (not shown obviously)
These calendars are 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” and are 3-hole punched to fit the mini-binders we sold a few years ago.